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Workplace walks

Walk East can devise and lead a workplace walk programme for you. We can also write and publish walk leaflets to help you share and sustain the programme. Workplace walks have been shown to offer a cost-effective investment for employers, by improving staff health and morale, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.

We recently devised some new walking routes for the Tower Hamlets active travel team. Their brief was tight and clear – could we plan four new circular walks from the council offices, taking no longer than 40 minutes each, which would be suitable for their lunchtime walking group? We walked the streets – north, south, east and west – in search of the best possible routes. We were keen to ensure that the walks offered council staff not only some enjoyable exercise, but also the chance to stroll by some of the schools, community centres, social housing and green spaces that they oversee. The final walk notes included a map, suggestions for varying the walk from time to time, and an assessment of the routes’ accessibility.

If you’d like a helping hand to set up a walk programme in your workplace, then get in touch with us. We’d love to chat it through with you.

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Workplace walks
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